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would you?

Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
Would you run and never look back
Would you cry if you saw me crying
Would you save my soul tonight?

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh oh please tell me these
Now would you die for the one you love?
Hold me in your arms tonight?

-Hero, Enrique Iglesias-


of a few gists.

It’s a holiday. Thus I don’t really have any mood to write something. Thus, here I am scribbling something, junk mostly just to update the blog.

pride and honesty and desperation were waging a war inside of her, and her conscience was being assaulted in the fray.

1. Above quote explains everything. Taken from “a kingdom of dreams” by Judith McNaught, the book i’m reading at the moment. The book which i should have finish it 2 days ago but still having some problem with concentration and passion which had interfere my comprehension. Perhaps i should stop reading novels.

2. Your action speaks louder than word. In fact louder than a bullet from a gun, if only the bullet is the only one who is producing the sound not the gun.

3. dun push me for which i’ll be out of reach.

4. dun ever hold your breath either because i lack y chromosome. * yeah, i’m talking chromosome again*

5. i am disappointed. i’ve tried. so many times. so many things. but there’s a cut everywhere. perhaps i need to give up. let the wound heal and protect it for which further injuries may lead to scarring and permanent damages.

6. been waiting for hafiz to write about the subsidy issue and he wrote one at last. a very sarcastic piece i may say but brilliant.


need to go jogging tomorrow. been procrastinating it every morning since last wik. too many excuses. heh!

need to lose some weights. fat! yes, i am. tp suma org ckp i’m not. ok maybe  my BMI is normal but i’m neither slim/thin/skinny kan?

told mom dat i wanna learn how to cook and mom replied, “hurmm”. guess she thought i was just joking or just another my hangat2 tahi ayam thingy. heh!

but i went to the kicthen and watch her baked a bread last week and she gave me a look. yeah, i’ve never been to the kitchen. sorry to say and i am not proud of dat ok.  it’s mom. when i was small, mom didn’t like me to be around d kitchen when she was cooking.” it’s dangerous and etc” said her. so i seldom go to the kitchen. mama pun tak penah panggil utk tolong or whatsoever regardless la time raya ke kenduri ke, she needs no me.

but time changes kan? i need to learn how to cook. i do realize dat. kalaupun abg ariff tak bising everytime dia balik umah, i still know dat. i know d fact dat i’m growing old dat someday in d future i would have to feed sumbody else. so i need to learn how to cook from now.

but i still wonder. just d same old question, lelaki ni cari isteri ke cari tukang masak sebenarnya? heh! no offence… just out of curiousity.

ok back to the cooking thingy. ok last wik i baked a bread pudding. it didn’t taste that good but mom said it was delicious. perhaps mom was being too generous and bias kan? hehe.

bread pudding, agar2 marble and today kuih samprit. but kuih samprit tu mama yg buat all those adunan but i made the flower and put the cherry on it! :). and btw, dat kuih samprit is requested by kakak. esk nk kena pos pegi kl. mengada kan? heh! last wik balik umah tamau buat/ suruh mama buat siap2. selalu mcm tu. dah balik kl baru la teringin nk makan itu la ini la. haish~

btw, i still remember, the first thing dat i learn how to cook is cokodok. masa tu baru sampai kat jatinangor/bandung/indonesia. itu pun berpuluh kali kena call mama. haha. and someone gave me a chicken cordon bleu recipe! it was so funny at dat time dat i forgot to laugh! haha. i just know how to cook cokodok and u already expect me to cook chicken cordon bleu?! and believe it or not, time tu i dun even know wut is chicken cordon bleu. heh!

back to the present, mama hadiahkan me buku resepi. haha. 😉

1001 basics.

i hate this topic.

tengku’s getting married this sept. it’s a shock news.  i’m reaching d age where i’m supposed to think about dat too kan? and i feel so old just thinking about dat.  sigh~

mama pun dah few times tanya who is my bf. heh! thought abah penah pesan no boyfriend when studying. but abah said d same things time skolah dulu but he did say nothing when he knew i did have one.

kakak cakap i am choosy. am I? maybe.  but not physically/financially/materially. i’m not looking for james franco/kris allen/ albert einstein/ bill gates.  i’m searching for someone dat I can be/blend/cry/laugh/fight/share things with.

but most of the time it’s my own ego.  I dun like the  “perigi cari timba” thingy. yeah, say wutever i won’t start anything even though it happens dat i like dat guy damn much. heh!

jodoh pertemuan kan d tangan Allah. you don’t have to search but it will come to you kan? betul ke? if it’s true why there are so many unmarried people out there? this thought scares me to death.

after all, i’m selfish/impatient/and a little insecure. i’m out of control and at times, i’m hard to handle. dat’s why i really wanna search for someone who really understand me. someone dat i dun have to pretend dat i’m not angry when i am angry. someone dat i could say dat i’m scared of the dark without having to worry dat d guy will think i’m childish.

dat someone doesn’t exist and i’m talking fairytale again, am i?

i really love d couple in the ‘the notebook’ movie.they fight all the time but at the end of the day, they make peace and hug each other. it’s like darwish. you scolded him and he became sad and angry towards you but after few minutes, the anger fades and he came running headlong to your arms.

too much sappy/cheesy/mushy love stories. heh!

*those bahasa rojak/broken is so annoying. yes, i admit it. dunno how certain ppl can actually enjoy writing like this.

home again.

went back home again yesterday. this time is longer. until sept, 20. yeay!! 😉

my flight was from jakarta. sbb tu je yg ada straight flight to penang. lazy to go to kl and take another flight to penang. so as my flight was from jakarta i had to take shuttle/traveler to jakarta b’cuz i live in jatinangor/bandung. so i booked shuttle from padma. the service was super duper beyond terrible. boleh tak dat bapak supir is so lazy to masuk to the small road to my house and i had to carry all those freaking heavy luggages on my own to the car. sigh~ dah la he mistakenly understood my griya amira house as griya toserba (which is a supermarket). for god sake, who live in supermarket anyway?? heh! and btw, dat day was my first day period, so you can imagine how furious i was towards him. sorry bapak. huhu.

reached jakarta airport around 3.30 am. straight away went to the check-in counter. alhamdullilah, everything was just fine. d ibu at d counter was very nice. my luggages exceed the weight but she just said it’s ok and i didn’t need to pay for the excess. 😉

after that kuar semula to teman ada sembahyang subuh.

then, dekat dgn d immigration counter heard the announcement asking the passenger of airasia to penang to board the plane but had to wait for ada for a while because she had a problem with the immigration. then we jalan/marathon/jogathon to the terminal D6 as fast as we could and my wedges was broken in d process. haha. time ni la nak tercabut pun kan. cess.

but i run shamelessly with the broken wedges to the plane.

and after been seated, just like in the movie/tv, i purposely broke the other wedges. yeah, now both of my wedges don’t have any heels. haha. after dat, without looking around to check whether some one had just watched me breaking my wedges, i just slept soundly until the stewardess wake me up for landing. ( i dun sleep d whole night because me and ada was gossiping/talking/chitchatting the whole night). haha.

reached penang airport at about 9.50 am. heard darwish shouting makcu ikin so noisily dekat arrival hall tu. heh! miss you too awish and btw, happy 2nd birthday, awish! 😉


reached jatinangor/bandung the day before results was released. had no feeling at all. tak cuak pun. excited to know about germany vs england nye score ada la.

couldn’t sleep the whole night. been spending the night/early morning reading hanif’ sister’s novel. at last, slept at 3 am sumthing.

after subuh I continued my sleep. haha. so lazy to think about the result.

before going to take the result, been spending few minutes reciting yassin. hanya kepada Dia kita meminta.

then, naik angkut and walked slowly to the campus with fairuz.

the ceremony began with few ceramah/speech/introduction/etc from several doctors.

here come the part where they announced the dean’s  list award. and I saw my name on the screen!

to the tell the truth, the first thing that appear in my mind at dat time is “wut d tuttt. sket nya naik pointer tu”.

ok. someone may say i’m snobbish/tak bersyukur/berlagak/etc. but i dunno why but I dun feel happy at all. my emotion has not return.

i dun like it either.

i hope one day sooner i could feel again.


M cook pulut seri muka yesterday but it was tasteless because she forgot to add some sugar to the topping. Then, A went home to eat dat seri muka but after a bite he stopped eating and asked M to cook maggie instead.

in the novel/movie/tv series we always encounter a man who will always eat whatever his lover cook regardless how it taste but what happen yesterday is the opposite to what I have read/know/believe before this.

there’s one kind of man dat I always saw yg slalu say nice thing/puji/flirt/manis mulut to a woman by saying her cook is delicious/menjilat jari n etc even though tak sedap sgt pun. this kind of man always disgust me.

but how about a group of people like A? I’m sure there are a lot of them out there.

If I was M, I will feel hurt. Could A please at least finish d one dat had been served to him? it won’t kill.

If I were M, I hope my friend/partner/lover/hubby to tell me the truth that dat seri muka is tasteless but he would still show some efforts to appreciate my cooking.

but that kind of love would only exist in fairytale, kan?

i dun wanna go back to dat place.

ticket dah beli.

Sunday, June 27th, 2010.

3.35 pm from Penang. will be arriving at lcct around 4.25 pm. and then have to wait/melangut/berangan at lcct alone for at least 4 hours because my next plane to bandung is at 8.30 pm.

kakak is supposed to meet me at lcct to take her bahulu+kerepek bawang+pekasam+serunding but she can’t make it because she’s working. so she definitely has to say good bye to all those things. last wik balik sapa suruh takmau bawak balik siap2. kan dah kempunan. heh! frankly speaking, i am sOoOoo relieved knowing dat i dun have to carry pekasam with me on the flight. haha. I doubt ia akan lepas security or d custom, kak.

ok, dah azan isya. have to go now. cheerio~


daffodils ♥